#29-College of Adaptive Arts

The College of Adaptive Arts is a new model of education with a commitment to lifelong learning paired with empowering students to creatively transform the way the world views individuals with differing abilities. Students have 9 tracks of study in which to choose and over a dozen departments of specialty. While diplomas are earned, there is no exit date which allows lifelong access to education. In this episode, the founding directors share the core beliefs driving the mission of CAA and their vision of a future where this model of education can be found on campuses throughout the country.

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • The College of Adaptive Arts is unique in that the model is focused on lifelong learning for adults with differing abilities.

  • The College of Adaptive arts has 9 tracks of study and over a dozen departments of specialty.

  • The mission goes beyond the students with an intentional focus on bringing joy to the outside community by sharing the gifts of the students. There are 9 touring groups from CAA who perform throughout Silicon Valley bringing much delight. Here is a video (which is going viral) of one of the dance groups.

  • Since 2009, CAA has experienced rapid growth and is now ready to operate on an existing college campus or university. They are actively seeking such a partnership. We can help by spreading awareness of the program. Please share this podcast using www.lomah.org/podcast/29 and also by following and sharing CAA content on social media.

  • CAA is a nonprofit organization. Support the lifelong model of learning with a donation.

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