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 The LOMAH Special Needs Podcast is an award winning podcast consistently ranked on Apple Podcasts since early 2018 and is used in university level classes as curriculum. Here is what listeners are saying….

Recent Episodes

 Hi! I’m your host, Kim, and this is my crew. The oldest will require 24/7 care for life and as we all age, I have a lot of questions about how to best support her life as an adult. I envision a life of not just safety and care but also a life of purpose, community, and choice. The LOMAH Special Needs Podcast is the place I find people who can answer the many questions I have about how to make this dream a reality. I ask the questions, record the conversations, and pass them right on along to you. We take a single topic and explore it for 10-12 episodes. Scroll below to see topics we have covered thus far and stick around for the many more left to explore!


Season 3

  • Health Series: episodes #74 - #85

  • Transition Planning in the IEP Series: episodes #86 - #97

  • Series TBD: episodes #98 - #110 coming winter, 2020

Season 2

  • Advocacy Series : episodes #60 - #73

  • Technology Series: episodes #48 - #59

  • Safety Series: episodes #36 - #47

Season 1

  • Secondary and Post Secondary Education Series: episodes #25 - #35

  • Housing Series: episodes #11 -# 23

  • Miscellaneous Episodes from the Beginning: episodes #1-#10