The intellectually / developmentally disabled (I/DD) adult population has limited options. Many families struggle after leaving the school system due to losing supports that have provided education, living skills, and daily structure. In disability circles, the scenario of aging out of the school system is called "falling off the cliff". 

Further down the line, housing becomes a concern as aging parents care for aging adult children. 


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We are Tom and Kim Albrecht and have two daughters. The youngest is a swimmer, reader, and cat lover. The oldest is a teenager, bubble blower, and dog watcher. She also has severe autism, is nonverbal, in diapers, and will require 24/7 care the rest of her life.

Like many parents, we have begun looking ahead to the future for our I/DD daughter and have many questions that do not seem to have answers. 

  • Where will she live?

  • Who will care for her?

  • How can she be kept safe?

  • Will her life have a purpose and meaningful relationships?

  • Where will she find her joy?

We do not claim to know the answers of these questions for our child nor yours but do promise to share what we are discovering along the way. You will quickly find us getting things right just as often as we are getting them wrong. These mishaps will also be openly shared with the LOMAH community as we all fumble through this journey together.


Our learning style is to seek out others who are ahead of us on the journey and link into their experience and wisdom. Research, interviews, and insights are formatted for your consumption via:

  • weekly podcasts

  • informational & inspirational blog posts

  • social media shares

  • occassional newsletter

Each format offers different content and flavor.
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Why the name LOMAH?

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LOMAH is an acronym for the Land Of Milk And Honey.

The land of milk and honey is mentioned in the Old Testament as the place God promises to deliver His people.  To get there, they must trust God to deliver them from their current situation and then release all fear of the challenges ahead.

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