#34 - Non FAPE? 5 Things to Do Before the IEP Meeting

Students with special needs are entitled to a fair and appropriate education, commonly called FAPE. Sometimes parents idea of FAPE differ from the school district and can be met with resistance. In today's episode, we share 5 steps to take before presenting your idea to the IEP team.

#29-College of Adaptive Arts

The College of Adaptive Arts is a new model of education with a commitment to lifelong learning paired with empowering students to creatively transform the way the world views individuals with disabilities.  Students have 9 tracks of study to choose from with over a dozen departments of specialty. While diplomas are earned, there is no exit date which allows lifelong access to education. In this episode, the founding directors share the core beliefs driving this unique model of education and their vision of a future where this model can be found on campuses throughout the country.