#45 - Self Injurious Behavior

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Dr. Lauren Moskowitz, of St John’s University, is known for her work with self injurious behavior. In this episode, she helps us understand why SIB is happening and discusses ABA as a method of treatment, including finding reinforcers that work.

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  • Dr. Moskowitz sees three common causes on self injurious behavior. She tells us what those causes are.

  • Most self injurious behavior is long standing and does not go away easily.

  • Contributors often are sensory or environmental or can become a mix of both.

  • Figuring out the "why" of an SIB is the hardest part. We discuss clinical and practical ways to get at the "why".

  • Teaching avenues of communication are often the most effective in treating SIB and sensory reasons are the most challenging to treat.

  • Even if the "why" of an SIB is unknown, there are still behavioral interventions that can be used.

  • Often the best reinforcers are random and even weird. We discuss how to uncover new reinforcement ideas to use in behavioral techniques.

  • Dr Moskowitz gives her input on pharmaceuticals.

  • Links to Suggested Resources:

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Webinar by our guest, Dr. Moskowitz

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