#05-Camp Cabins to Long Term Living Solutions


Alex Krem, Sr. was the founder of Camping Unlimited. This year marks 60 years of providing camping opportunities for children, teens, and adults with special needs. It is now run by his granddaughter, Christina Krem, along with Katie Giampa

Today, we are chatting with the middle generation, Alex Krem, Jr., about the unique objective of Camping Unlimited as well as his vision to carry things over into long term living solutions for adults with special needs. 

Links to Items Mentioned in Episode #5

Living Unlimited

Information regarding Cloverdale property and the upcoming meeting

Financial Structure of Living Unlimited Properties

Contact Living Unlimited via email at  info@living-unlimited.org

HCBS advocacy information including state by state final ruling

Camping Unlimited

Property at Cloverdale, CA

Christina Krem and Piggie Smalls

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