#58-Easy Technology Solutions for Individuals with Disabilities

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Reasonably priced and easily accessible technology marketed toward able bodied individuals also has the alternative perk of bringing independence and improving quality of life for those with disabilities. Venkat Rao of The Assistive Technology Blog shares several examples in this episode as well as his favorite products just entering the market.

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Several years ago Venkat Rao began the Assistive Technology Blog which highlights futuristic and mind blowing technology prototypes for individuals with disabilities. Over the years, most of the prototypes he has found and written about have passed FDA ruling and are now on the market.

  • Venkat has another website focusing on accessibility features on the Amazon Echo.

  • IFTT (if this then that)is a smart technology service that sets off a chain of events. It can also trigger communication to care providers when certain events occur.

  • Many of these technology solutions are very easy to set up but if assistance is needed, there are several videos on You Tube that will help.

  • Bruce Hall is a blind photographer who uses his camera to see and also has twin boys with autism. He wrote a book called Immersed: Our Experience with Autism using his photographs and his wife’s narration.

  • Two of Venkat’s favorite up and coming technology solutions include the Sunu Band and Smile Myse.

  • In addition to Venkat’s two websites he shares technology innovations on his Twitter, You Tube, and FaceBook pages.

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