#57-Pep Talks & Twitter Chats

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Effectively utilizing assistive technology for individuals with disabilities requires more than access to the latest gadgets, apps, and tools. More important is the process leading to the correct gadget, app, and tool.

Mike Marotta is an assistive technology support specialist with an extensive resume spanning 30 years with the special needs population. In this episode, Mike shares the process he uses and gives us the confidence to do so as well. He points us to places our questions can be answered (hint: hashtag!).

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • The SETT Framework, by Joy Zabala is is a four part model intended to promote collaborative decision-making in all phases of assistive technology service design and delivery from consideration through implementation and evaluation of effectiveness. SETT is an acronym for Student, Environments, Tasks, and Tools.

  • Educators make up the most twitter users and there is a hashtag (i.e opportunity to learn from others) for almost every topic. Twitter chats are a predetermined time for people to gather and share information around a topic. Mike hosts an assistive technology twitter chat every Wednesday at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Participate in the conversation with #ATchat.

  • The AT academy is a hybrid, flexible and multi session experience for groups working with individuals who have disabilities that includes online learning, social media chats, education of the process, live presentations and trainings culminating to hands on practice with the tools available.

  • Every state has an Assistive Technology Act Program providing assistive tech demonstrations, loan programs, and refurbishing options.

  • Mike hosts a weekly podcast called Assistive Tech for All. Each episode brings information about Inclusive and Assistive Technology to increase independence.

  • Mike is a coveted keynote presenter and offers an extensive list of ways to share his knowledge including webinars, EDcamps, evaluations, product training, job accommodations, and a website filled with resources.

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