#52-Curated & Reviewed Apps for Individuals with Special Needs

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Ipads and smartphones have been game changers for individuals with special needs. Device apps are providing an avenue for communication, learning and independence. BUT, there are over 2 million apps to choose from with over 1000 being added to the store every day. How can we possibly keep up with what is available and know if they are applicable?

This conversation with Cristen Reat, cofounder of Bridging Apps, is going to save you time and money by pointing to an up to date, curated, reviewed, and filtered lists of apps. Some of these apps you may never have considered using in the unique ways suggested for an individual with differing abilities.

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  • Bridging Apps is a branch of Easter Seals that has a unique way to curate and vet iOS and Android apps for Individuals with disabilities of all ages.

  • The filters are varied and vary specific.

  • In addition to the numerous filters, there are several curated lists with ideas you may never have considered.

  • The app review team are from varied backgrounds from therapists to teachers to parents to psychologists to veterans.

  • Bridging Apps welcomes feedback from the community and also has an application process to become a reviewer with financial compensation.

  • Mainstream apps, such as Instacart, Uber, etc. can be very applicable for individuals with disabilities. Bridging Apps lists several and breaks down how they can helpful. It is a great way to get ideas!

  • Unique to the Bridging Apps database is that it is updated every 24 hours. This is helpful because the price is updated and often apps go on sale.

  • The best way to stay on top of sales is to follow Bridging Apps on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

  • Bridging Apps is a contributor to the Weekly Technology Update Podcast. They do a segment called An App Worth Mentioning.

  • Bridging Apps has many opportunities for families and organizations in the Houston, Texas area. Refer to the “services” section of their website.

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