#38 - Wandering Precautions for Individuals with Special Needs

wandering special needs

Wandering and elopement are stressful and scary scenarios that, unfortunately, can end tragically. Emily Diamond, a professor and researcher at the Wright Institute in Berkeley joins us to provide ways parents can take a proactive approach of putting plans in place so our loved one with disabilities can be found quickly should he or she go missing.

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Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Emily leads the International Autism Mapping Project exploring the correlation between environmental factors and the rise in autism
  • Wandering is not only isolated to one diagnosis although half of kids with autism will wander, or elope. This is different than bolting which has different prevention strategies.
  • AWAARE has a safety toolkit for parents, first responders, and teachers.
  • Wareable technology can be extremely useful. Emily shares her four favorite (angel sense, jiobit, amcrest, and loved one locator). Wareable.com is a great website listing a variety of options. 
  • There are a variety of things parents can (should) be doing in preparation for a potential wandering situation. Emily rapid fires several.
  • Over 90% of deaths associated with wandering are because of water. Many YMCA branches offer adaptive swim classes.
  • There are places that should be checked as soon a loved one disappears. Emily talks to us about those places and how to canvas these areas quickly.
  • There are a few apps for first responders that can help deescalate situations. 

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