#09 - The Joey Farm: An Adventurous Spin on Planning for the Future

The Arroya Family has dreams of beginning a farm similar to many currently in existence for adults with special needs. In preparation, they put the family belongings in storage and began an epic road trip to visit 25 farms across the country. Amy Arroya shares with us what they are learning and a simple question serving as the compass for their adventure. Learn what the question is and consider asking it to plan a future for your special needs loved one.

#08-Vacation Hacks

In the last episode, Vacation or Relocation?: Special Needs / Disability Travel, you heard three arguments in favor of travel despite the challenges. While the last episode focused on why go, this episode focuses on what to do upon arrival. Kim tosses out a few vacation hacks that have been helpful for her family. Hopefully, they will be beneficial to you, too!

#02-Special Needs Airplane Travel

At least twice a year, Kim travels across the country via airplane with her special needs daughter. After dozens of flights ranging from nightmarish to dreamy, she has learned a few things.

This episode tosses out 10 tips from the obvious (utilize TSA cares) to the unconventional (choose a seating pattern in an L shape rather than straight across). 

If you are about to board the plane with your special needs loved one, this episode should be part of your travel preparations.