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#33 - Homeschooling with a Twist for Special Needs Students

It's homeschooling, but it's not. Todays guest began an alternative form of education for her son with autism during the elementary school years and continues to implement it in his teenage years. It is a twist on homeschooling. We uncover this “homeschooling twist” in two episodes. Episode #33 uncovers what it is and how it came to be, and episode #34 (coming March 27)  provides the step by step process to use when partnering with the school district to create an out of the box plan for your learner with special needs.

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#06-Cultivating Friendships

Episode #6 dives into cultivating friendships for our special needs children, especially as they enter the preteen and teen years. You will walk away with 3 unique nuggets of wisdom & application from our guest, Stacey Martin, who seems to have cracked the friendship formula for her (soon to be) 17 year old daughter. 

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#04-The Caregiving, Celebrating Balancing Act

Special needs parents do a lot of caregiving and a lot of advocacy. But, do we do enough celebrating? How do we even know the answer and what happens when the scales are tipping too heavily to one side?

This is where we are headed in Episode #4, BUT just when it seems we have things figured out...a guest will join us to put breaks on the whole thing forcing us to stop and rewind a bit.

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