#07-Vacation or Relocation?

Vacations can feel more like relocations because the demands we have at home exist regardless of location. Is it worth it to go through the planning and hassle?

Mentioned in this episode:

The 13th Hour is an incredibly raw, real, and vulnerable look at Kim's journal entry from the inaugural Gypsy Tour in 2010.

10 Airplane Travel Tips from Episode #2 of the LOMAH podcast

Three reasons your vacation is worth it:

Reason #1: Experiences Open Our Eyes 

We take vacations to gain experiences. Sometimes the experiences are like the glossy brochure, and sometimes we see something else, like the mornings with an ugly fish coffee mug mentioned in the podcast episode.



Reason #2: Relationships Matter

You will never regret going to friends and family. This picture is from the 2012 Gypsy Tour. It was the last time Kim saw her dad and the girls saw their PaPa. He died behind the wheel of his car a few weeks later.  The cross country trip gifted one last week with him and was more than worth it. No regrets. Go visit your people!

Reason #3: Eventually, The Threshold is Passed

Traveling can be similar to exercise. At first, all we feel is sore, fatigue, and the desire to stay in bed. However, at some point a threshold is passed and it becomes worth it. We may even come to want it! It may take several years to reach the threshold with travel, but it does happen! This photo is from "Cousin Craziness". You can see the crazies behind Miranda and can tell from the look on her face, the trip was "worth it". Plus, ski ropes make great chewies. 

Kim Albrecht