#35-Lessons and Updates from Season One

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Season #1 of the LOMAH podcast has come to an end. Before moving along to season #2, we share lessons from the last year and follow up on past guests.

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Take Away #1: What is available does not have to be all that is available. Parents who created opportunities for the special needs community all asked themselves the same question. We talk about what that question is and examples from former guests who asked it.

  • Take Away #2: Surrounding ourselves with people and organizations who celebrate the special needs community will hold a mirror up to our own perceptions.

  • Take Away #3: There are a wide variety of housing models and we do not have to choose just one.

  • Take Away #4A: Supports offered in post-secondary programs vary greatly. The certificate programs seem to be more consistent than the degree programs. Here is a link to colleges with the highest freshman to sophomore retention rates for students with special needs seeking a degree.

  • Take Away #4B: Regardless of degree or certificate, college is expensive.

  • Former Guest Update: Living Unlimited has purchased the property in Cloverdale, CA and there is still time to be a part of it.

  • Former Guest Update: Life Services Alternatives had the ribbon cutting for house #12 in March.

  • The next Independent Apartment Community symposium will be in June.

  • Marbridge will also be holding a similar symposium geared for a variety of housing model providers.

Kim Albrecht