#34 - Non FAPE? 5 Things to Do Before the IEP Meeting

IEP special needs checklist

Students with special needs are entitled to a fair and appropriate education, commonly called FAPE. Sometimes parents idea of FAPE differ from the school district and can be met with resistance. In today's episode, we share 5 steps to take before presenting your idea to the IEP team.

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • In episode #33, Annette Musso shared a unique educational program she crafted for her son with special needs in partnership with the school district. It is similar to homeschooling but different. In this episode, she shares how she prepared for the negotiations with the school district. She recommends doing 5 things before presenting an idea to the IEP team.

  • Approaching our children with special needs in an age-appropriate manner is important. Matteo, Annette's teenage son, tells us why.

  • Finding peers and cultivating friendships can be challenging, especially when homeschooled. Annette offers great wisdom on choosing activities and experiences that can be shared with peers. The LOMAH podcast episode #06 covers this topic, as well.

  • Matteo went from being nonverbal at the age of 12 to public speaking by the age of 14. He travels the country and has shared the stage with Temple Grandin. To bring him to speak at your event click here.

  • Annette offers consultation services for parents wishing to explore educational options.

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