#33 - Homeschooling with a Twist for Special Needs Students

Special Needs Homeschooling

It's homeschooling, but it's not. Annette Musso began an alternative form of education for her son with autism during the elementary school years and continues to implement it in his teenage years. It is a twist on homeschooling. We uncover this “homeschooling twist” in two episodes. Episode #33 uncovers what it is and how it came to be, and episode #34 provides the step by step process to use when partnering with the school district to create an out of the box plan for your learner with special needs.

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Matteo is an artist, poet, and public speaker who travels the country and has shared the stage with other autism advocates such at Temple Grandin. For more information, or to have him and his mother speak at your event, visit his website.

  • He is the published author of two books, Handbook of us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism and also Love Land: A place where the heart is king. Both books can be found on Amazon.

  • FAPE is the acronym for fair and appropriate education. Public schools are required to provide an education that is both fair and appropriate for all learners. Often, this may necessitate additional services and resources. Annette Musso was creative in working with her son's school to comply with FAPE and came up with a solution similar to homeschooling, yet different.

  • When Matteo was young, they utilized the Sonrise Method of social intervention. Later, the Rapid Prompting Method was added to interventions used.

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