#25-College & High School: "Think College" for Students with Disabilities


Think College is funded by the US Department of Education as a national coordinator for transition and post-secondary options for students with intellectual disabilities. Cate Weir is the program director of the organization and will discuss college as a transition option for individuals with special needs as well as who is and is not eligible, program curriculum, on campus supports, IEP goals to prepare for college, and where to find resources. 

Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Thinkcollege.net is a website rich in resources for families considering college as a transition option.

  • College preparation can and should begin in High School. Cate mentions this sample IEP with goals geared toward post secondary preparedness. Also mentioned is this table with recommended transition activities outlining the role of the student, family, transition teacher and special education administrator for each activity. These are just two out of over 600 resource articles found on the Think College website.

  • 264 colleges offer college experiences in which 2 or 4 year certificates are earned at completion. If the goal is a degree rather than a certificate, collegeautismspectrum.com may offer some valuable information.

  • The Higher Education Act changed in 2008 to authorize funding and thus financial aid for these programs.

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