Housing: #22-Four Things to Start Doing Now & #23-Create a Housing Community


Desiree Kameka works for the Madison House Autism Foundation where she serves as the director of community engagement and also is the director of a branch of the foundation called the Autism Housing Network. She is the national coordinator for the advocacy group Coalition for Community Choice and she also serves as a host home provider. She joins us to provide insight and action steps to move us forward in securing housing for our loved ones with disabilities. 

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Episode #22

  • The Madison House Autism Foundation focuses on adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The website is rich with resources.

  • A branch of the Madison House Autism Foundation is the Autism Housing Network with a focus on finding and creating housing options. The website contains filters to help quickly sort the 100s of informational articles.

  • The Coalition for Community Choice is another branch which focuses on advocacy and policy.

  • Madison Fields, in Maryland, is the local initiative of the Madison House Autism Foundation.

  • Desiree is a published author and national speaker. The book mentioned in this episode is ASD in Mid and Later Life

  • Desiree shared the grim statistics for our adult population. This video created by the Madison House Autism Foundation provides additional information.

  • Desiree suggested 4 things we can begin doing right now in preparation for the future. One of those things is financial planning. ABLE accounts are an easy way to start. An infographic was mentioned as well as the Financial Planning Series as a way to begin the learning process.

Episode #23

  • Desiree has had the honor of witnessing the incredible journey of many groups and organizations who have created housing communities for the I/DD population. In episode #23 she shares the story of Benjamin's Hope, The North Street Neighborhood, and The Arc Jacksonville Village.

  • Two of the above have associated faith based communities, The Church at Benjamin's Hope and Reality Ministries.

  • Low income tax credits can be used to subsidize the cost of housing communities for adults with disabilities. Desiree was part of an advocacy group who worked to create this policy in the state of Florida.

  • Creating a housing community can easily take a decade. To get started, meet monthly and write a business plan. Help with business plans can be found at your local SCORE center and also the local small business association.

  • The Autism Housing Network offers consultation services. Click the blue banner above to be directed and sign up!

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