#19 & #20: Special Needs Housing: Independent Apartment Community


Independent Apartment Communities are a new(ish) housing model for adults with disabilities. IACs are similar to the traditional apartment model in the freedom of choice that comes with living and maintaining one's apartment with or without roommates. The difference, as the name indicates, is the community piece. IAC's are staffed to provide around the clock supports, meaningful social opportunities, and both scheduled and non scheduled social outings and activities. They are a smaller community to call home located within the larger community or town residents are also a part of. 

Aaron Vorell is the executive director of one of the first IAC's called Casa de Amma and he also serves on the board of directors for other existing and in development Independent Apartment Communities. He shares his experience and insights with us in Episodes #19 & #20.  

Mentioned in These Episodes

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Episode #19 - Independent Apartment Communities

  • History and founders of Casa de Amma

  • Maintaining core values

  • Size and layout of Casa de Amma

  • A day in the life of a resident (and staff) of an IAC

  • Functioning level of residents at Casa de Amma

  • Aging in place

  • Funding and support structure

Episode #20 

  • How long wait lists are serving as inspiration to create more housing

  • Other IAC's Aaron Vorell is helping create including Villa de Vida and Steven's Place

  • The IAC website and symposiums to assist others in creating housing

  • The beginning stages of finding a core group and board of directors

  • Publicly funded housing vs. privately funded housing and the use of low income tax credits to assist in funding new projects

  • HCBS rulings differ by state and have an impact on publicly funded projects.

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