#18 - Special Needs Housing: 5 Insights


Episode #18 marks the halfway point of our housing model series. Our guests have helped us understand the campus model (Episodes #13&#14), the group home model (Episodes #15&#16), and the host home model (Episode #17). This week we pause and reflect. Thus far, Kim has had 5  a-ha moments. 

  1. Utilize a variety of models rather than just one

  2. Organizations providing housing need to have business savvy

  3. The state you live in makes a BIG difference

  4. Our adult children might do better with another caregiver

  5. Money matters

Mentioned in This Episode

click to be directed to web page

  • State by state final rulings of the Home and Community Based Services waiver. Click here.

  • State by state comparison of waiver programs and wait lists. Click here.

  • The Lanterman Act, is a piece of legislation in California.

  • Financial planning is important, click here for a 4 part informational series.

  • There are several webinars and filmed conferences on housing. Here are a few you can watch from your couch: SFASA Vimeo Channel, Fred Conference

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