#13 & #14- Special Needs Housing: Campus Model

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We begin our housing series for adults with disabilities by focusing on the campus model. Marbridge is an exemplary example of the campus model and in the next two episodes, we speak with Scott McAvoy who is the VP of operations. In this episode, we learn how Scott found himself in that role and what it takes to create a community like Marbridge.

If you need a refresher on what the campus model is, listen to minutes 18:30 - 21:30 of episode #11. 

This is the sequel to episode #13 on the campus model of housing for adults with disabilities. Scott McAvoy of Marbridge shares insights on the complexity of emotions parents face when considering moving their adult children out of the family home, including financial barriers. Also discussed is a unique way Marbridge staff focus on abilities rather than disabilities.

Mentioned in These Episodes

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Episode #13

The campus of Marbridge offers four care communities housing adults with disabilities. Each community is tailored for the specific needs of the population living there. The Marbridge campus also has a variety of life options programs including sports, arts, vocational support, and continuing education.

In addition to what they offer residents and the surrounding area, Marbridge also helps organizations wishing to create a campus model in their own communities. This is done via mentoring, visits, and an annual symposium which is free of charge. 

Episode #14

Marbridge places an emphasis on the eight Multiple Intelligences based off the work of  Howard Gardner. Doing so, helps staff expand on the abilities of the I/DD individual.

The biggest barrier for most families in securing placement for their loved one in a campus model is cost. Campus models can not accept HCBS waiver money and therefor are mostly private pay. 


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