Five Ways to Begin the Process of Hiring Special Needs Individuals


Do you recruit and hire workers for your business?

Have you considered tapping into those with disabilities? Many employers are finding individuals with disabilities make the best workers. Customers also view businesses more favorably who hire special needs individuals. 

Here are five ways to begin including special needs individuals:

  1. Learn about tax incentives, recruitment, accommodations, and more in this article from the Curb Cuts to the Middle Class Initiative and also this very thorough resource guide from the Small Business Association.
  2. Contact the local school district and ask if you can participate in their transition program for special education students. This allows high school students to come to your business and practice skills along side teachers and support staff to prepare for work as adults.
  3. Partner with community based providers who have connections with qualified candidates. Pages 8-11 of the resource guide mentioned above give wonderful suggestions and guidance of who to contact. 
  4. Join The Spectrum Careers for a win/win hiring scenario. 
  5. Take your passion and talents to start a business which focuses on the employment of adults with disabilities.