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Praising God for Random Squirrels

"There are times my heart longs to deeply connect with God via prayer. The intentions are good but the follow through stinks.

As I can tell, two issues hinder carved out prayer time. Somehow they are complete opposites which probably indicates a wide range of issues. They are:

  1. Falling asleep - I’m talking about zoning out within 2 minutes. “God thank you for today and of sleep.” 
  2. Distraction - All it takes is the buzzer to go off in the laundry room or a squirrel jumping on the fence. “Squirrel!”  

Rarely do I make it to “amen” when doing one of those quietly sit here and pray kind of prayers."

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Foggy Brained Ideas from a Tired Caregiver

Sleep deprivation is part of the parenting gig. New moms are easy to spot with their top knots and coffee tumblers. A safe bet is the top knot, make up free, coffee tumbler toting woman you see has not slept in weeks. She is wiped out. 

Lack of sleep does all sorts of wacky stuff to the body. Short term effects include cognitive impairment, inability to concentrate, drowsiness, and top knot hairdos. These side effects explain why early phases of parenthood are a blur. 

For caretakers of an individual with disabilities, seasons of sleep deprivation can extend well past a decade. My daughter did not sleep consistently until puberty. 

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