Creative Ways to Pay for College

At the conclusion of our podcast series on secondary and post-secondary education for students with differing abilities, a big question lingered over our heads:

How can college certificate or degree programs be affordable?

One of the listeners had tremendous success finding financial avenues and has graciously passed along a treasure chest of information.

Free Download - Transitional Resource Guide

Resource Guide.jpg

At the age of 14 or 16, a document called the Individualized Transition Plan becomes a part of the IEP.

Are you prepared to partner with the schools in creating this document?

The below Resource Guide is a goldmine of over 30 website links in 12 categories filtered for the best information on the web to prepare for successful planning. 

For an overview of the Individualized Transition Plan, read LOMAH's 4 part series on the topic.

For a more in depth dive, download the free Transition Guide below.

I Don't Want Back-to-School Advice for My Special Needs Child

"Please, for the love of all things special needs parenting, do not give me a to do list right out of the gates as the school year begins. Unless it involves a nap or Bloody Mary at 10:00, I am not interested. 

Just give me a week to recover. I will be all over the to do lists in a few weeks. 
I promise."

Keeping Cool in the Carpool

My special needs daughter was the cause of many disrupted car pool drop offs when she was in grade school. When she did not want to comply, she did what was coined as “the plop”.  The plop consisted of all 90 pounds of a 10 year old girl completely limp on the ground.

We had occasions where she would plop in the middle of the crosswalk.  

I kid you not.  She would plop smack in the middle of the street.