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Autism Awareness, Pet Ferrets, and Peanut Butter

Apparently, it is Autism Awareness Day and, well, I was not aware until it started popping up everywhere. I suppose it's cool this day exists. I did my research and learned it is also national peanut butter and jelly day and also national ferret day. So, yea. I'm not quite sure what we are supposed to do with all of these days but it seems perhaps I can do my part on this national day to help you become more aware of this autism thing.

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The 13th Hour: A (horrible) Road Trip

"Around hour 10 into the drive, Miranda started into a screaming and thrashing fit. It was intense. Around hour 11, I started having horrible thoughts. Thoughts like if Miranda was not my daughter and I didn’t have to live with all she brought I would be just fine with that. Thoughts like I wished our family could just have all “normal” kids. Thoughts like had I known what I was signing up for I would not have had her.

Yes, those kinds of thoughts,"


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50 Shades of Gray Done God's Way

I am falling in love with the color gray. 


For over a decade yellow has been my everything.  This past summer when we painted the house, I campaigned for yellow siding and a bright door to match.  It was an unsuccessful campaign, but the effort was fierce and yielded a fabulous turquoise door.

So the whole gray thing is taking me by surprise. 

I mean….gray?  Really?

Doesn’t the color wheel put yellow and gray as opposites? 

Actually, is gray even on a color wheel?  Isn’t it so drab and sad that it’s not even called a hue, tint, or shade? 

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