I Don't Want Back-to-School Advice for My Special Needs Child

"Please, for the love of all things special needs parenting, do not give me a to do list right out of the gates as the school year begins. Unless it involves a nap or Bloody Mary at 10:00, I am not interested. 

Just give me a week to recover. I will be all over the to do lists in a few weeks. 
I promise."

Wounded by Prayer & Healed with Cake

Prayer has been like a wound I prefer to cover with a clean bandage.

Can I just keep prayer nice and neat? Can I just occasionally peak under the bandage to see if anything is changing? Can I just claim “Amen! Answered prayer!” when things are healing and “God has a plan!” when it’s still a mess? 

For about a decade, I kept prayers in a safe spot under the bandage. I had to. There was a deep wound from unanswered prayer...

??Happy?? Birthday

I am not a fan of birthdays. 

I am at the age where I forget how old I am and have to do math.  Okay…born in 1972…2016 minus 1972….   Anyone else?  I know there are more of you out there.

However, It’s not my own birthday that is hard.

The birthdays with a history of stirring less than celebratory feelings are those of my special needs daughter.  The cake and balloons may as well be a countdown timer ticking entirely too loud...

Just Get Over It

I can be a really crappy friend. 

I blame it on 20 years of coaching high-level gymnasts. 25+ hours a week spent with “my girls” where I was paid to point out flaws and demand correction. The expectation being issues were to be taken care of regardless of fear, mood, health, environment, or whatever. 

No excuses.  !NO DRAMA!

Just fix it so you can move on and be better.  

While this made me one heck of a successful coach (if performance is the litmus test), it also has made me a crappy friend to others and to myself...