Christian Camps for Special Needs Adults

For the Entire Family

1.   JONI & FRIENDS RETREATS: Special needs individuals are paired with a 1:1 for activities during the day while separate activities are planned for siblings and parents. Families come together at meals and again in the evening. Relevant sermons and small groups are held daily. 

  • Where: Multiple locations

  • Cost: $1200 for a family of 4 but varies by location. Scholarships available

2.  CAMP ATTITUDE: A camp for the entire family with an assigned 1:1. Activities include a day on the lake with boating activities and swimming as well as a talent show the last night.  

  • Where? Oregon

  • Cost: $20 registration fee

Also see below, #6 KINGDOM RANCH and #8 WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP who offer a week for the entire family.

For the Individual Teen & Adult

3.  YOUNG LIFE CAPERNAUM: This camp is a blast and is held in conjunction with a Young Life camp. Campers are partnered with a 1:1 to enjoy activities alongside their able body peers. In addition to the adventure and fun, a strong focus is on God and His love. Ample time is spent in prayer and honestly and safely exploring His truths.  

  • Where: Multiple locations

  • Cost: $500-$700 depending on location

  • Who: Teens

4.  CAMP BARNABAS: Every effort is made to adapt activities so campers can be told “yes!” Campers are empowered by love, acceptance and encouragement.

  • Where: Missouri

  • Cost: $750 Scholarships available

  • Who: Weeks are split into age groups ranging from 7-45

5.  CHRISTIAN BERETS: Physical wellness, social interaction, and wholesome values are promoted. Group activities include archery, ping-pong, basketball, horseshoes, water games, whiffle ball, foosball, volleyball, frisbee toss, shuffle board, and hiking. Adaptive activities focus on the individual's unique abilities and skill sets.  

  • Where: California

  • Cost: $800-$1000 depending on level of need

  • Who: Adults and a few weeks reserved for teens and youth

6.  KINGDOM RANCH: The goal is to enable campers to experience an inspiring, activity filled, summer camp while building a better relationship with Jesus Christ. Volunteers are used who desire the opportunity to assist and encourage campers, especially by creating friendships that will help each other grow spiritually. 

  • Where: Texas

  • Cost: $600 per camper with limited scholarships

  • Who: Ages 7 - adult with allotted weeks for each age group

  • Additional week for families

7. CAMP ECHOING HILLS: A 50 year old camp promoting a strong sense of community and relationships. Activities are swimming, fishing, nature trails, go cart racing, and over all camp fun. Ratios range from 1:2 to 1:4.  

  • Where Ohio

  • Cost: $850 - $1070 depending on severity of disability

  • Who: Youth to older adult with allotted weeks for each age group

8. WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP: Established in 1986, the National Wheelchair Sports Camp gives physically challenged children and adults an opportunity to participate in sports such as horseback riding, water skiing, basketball, softball, tennis, and many others in a supportive environment. Individuals are amazed with what they can accomplish so much more than they thought possible. In addition they are given the unique opportunity to be mentored by Paralympic athletes. Overall, individuals are encouraged, given hope, and reminded of God’s love and purpose for their lives.

  • Where: Minnesota

  • Cost: $150-$350

  • Who: Ages 12+, nature and sport lovers. One week for individuals and another for families

9.  CAMP BLESSING : 10 year old award winning Christian summer camp existing to show the hope of Jesus Christ to those with special needs, their caregivers, and the volunteers who serve them in a barrier-free camp environment emphasizing love, acceptance and fun.

  • Where: Texas

  • Cost: $895

  • Who: Ages 7+ and their siblings up to age 13. Separate week for young adults and older adults

10.  CAMP DANIEL: Campers enjoy every aspect of a Northwoods summer camp experience, with a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of counselors to campers. Each day there are recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, crafts, movies, themed meals, dances, a carnival, sports tournaments, and chapel services. Camp is a safe and loving environment for each camper and counselor to explore God’s creation while learning that they are a valuable part of that creation. 

  • Where: Wisconsin

  • Cost: $410

  • Who: ages 8-70

11. CAMP BURTON: Campers learn they are important creations of God and explore the beauty of God’s world. Campers must be able to care for their own personal needs (eating, dressing, and restroom use) with minimal assistance and be able to participate in most camp activities. If your camper is lacking self help skills then attend Camp Burton with PARKVIEW SERVICES. The Camp activities include swimming at the local pool, canoeing, carnival, games, archery, talent show, and campfires.

  • Where: Vashon Island near Seattle

  • Cost: $335

  • Who: Ages 16+

12. PINE RIDGE BIBLE CAMP: The program is geared allows each camper to experience camp on their level. Programs are focused on participating in outdoor activities while learning about the depth of Christ's love.

  • Where: Michigan

  • Cost: $310-$380

  • Who: Youth and Adults

13. CAMP GLOW: Camp GLOW fosters a loving environment in which participants strengthen their relationship with the Lord through the celebration of Mass and other spiritual activities. In addition, there are many fun activities including music, swimming, hiking, sports, arts and crafts, movies, parties. dances, and a talent show.

  • Where: Maryland

  • Who: Adults

14. SHEPHERDS CAMP: Since 1962, Shepherds Camp has been offering full care, overnight camp including specialized 1:1 sessions for campers requiring individualized care. Offered is 10 weeks of summer camp as well as 10 additional camp weeks in the fall, winter, and spring. They are able to accommodate wheelchairs, feeding tubes, food modifications, suprapubic catheters/colostomy bags, and the need for bed rails, hoyer lifts, 24-hour supervision, and more.

  • Where: Pennsylvania

  • Who : All ages

Links to Lists of Other Special Needs Camps (Not Faith Based)

Youth Christian Camps (Not Special Needs)

Many special needs camps can be paid for via medicaid respite hours. Ask your social worker rep for a list of qualifying camps in your area.